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  1. Same here on the Yealink Phones. esoare
  2. Had to give @Darren Schreiber "Recommended" since, he was approximately 1 minute ahead of yours. Thanks for adding to helping others in the community @Baze!! esoare
  3. @Jack Noe I know that the "Wireless Caller" is the default Name by various Wireless Carriers. So the name is working... I know that doesn't answer your question of how to change the name to the phone number. But thought I would mention it. esoare
  4. What would be "nicer" is to have a voicemail operator, so that it goes to a specific, callflow/user/device..etc... This way, it would allow accounts that have multiple companies, not to "leak" into another companies Main_Callflow
  5. If one can speak for others. It will for sure be posted on the Forum.
  6. @FASTDEVICE Yes you did! Forgot to add that pic.
  7. @Jack Noe if you wanted to do it the ole' GUI way instead of the JSON that @FastDevice mentioned. In Advanced CallFlows In Smart PBX
  8. @Jack Noe Which type of Door Phone?
  9. To be more specific: 2-14-18 the advanced provisioner was updated. My phones went to the "default" selected by 2600hz. I noticed that on the morning of 2-15-18, had to go in and modify all the devices indavidualy to get the new 88.20 firmware. 1 customer noticed they had issues on their T42S phones, because the firmware of 88.10 was grabbed by the phone... If anyone else has T4xS phones, you may want to check the devices, so that they are not on the old firmware after the advanced provisioner update. Esoare
  10. So after the update to provisioner. If you had your phone manually upgraded to 82.0.30 for the T4xS series, You need to change the Advanced Provisioner to 82.0.30 (beta) manually on all those phones. Hope that helps.
  11. @Jack Noe Are you referencing the User Portal? esoare
  12. ? on Dial Plans. can you use them for the following scenario? When Dialing 1[907][2-9]xxxxxx [907][2-9]xxxxxx Use Line/account 2 on phone....? Least cost routing, if you have Line / Account 2 programmed on the phone for a cheeper route to certain areas.
  13. @Elena @Brian Sloan FYI: I have been able to use a cell (in a pinch). If you have Android - Chrome. Select "Desktop Site" in the Settings area of the browser. Caveats. What won't work (that I know of). 1) Editing Callflows (new call flows are doable...but tough) 2) App Exchange to switch between apps, do NOT work. (You will need to remember the http://address.net/callflows or whatever the app is) 3) You can drill down into sub-accounts Hope that helps. esoare
  14. @Tuly Sorry I misled you. In the Post below @Darren Schreiber posted answer that. It has to do with Multiple SIP devices assigned to a User. So 2600hz Mobile (which I am using, and 6683 works with) works, but off-net forwarded calls, are not usable with the 6683 feature.
  15. Well, 6683 Feature isn't working now. I posted this @ Posting here to get some more eyes on this. Perhaps this has something to do with the "CDR" Leg's
  16. Sure @Jack Noe . You have your own cluster? So you have web access to the phone? Do you have Phone Registered using newer devices/Auto Provisioner working? Usually Domain = Realm Username = Username of SIP Device Password = Password of SIP Device Authorization for OutBound = Username of SIP device Outbound Proxy = SIP Proxy Is what I usually have to do on a device that isn't Auto Provisioned. Like a SIP Softphone for example. I use the Hosted Cluster. I don't have experience on the Server side of things. But let us know if that helps, or you need additional details on the Cluster side.
  17. @martin Great work on the crosslinking to the solution!
  18. @Jack Noe What type of problems? Getting SIP firmware instead of SCCP on the phones? (that would be a Cisco questions) Getting them Registered with Kazoo? (that would be more prevalent to Kazoo) Provisioning - isn't available through advanced provisioner...
  19. ? Is this where Customer Site -> IPSEC Tunnel -> Hosted Cluster, comes into play?
  20. @lazedo Could you expand on the correct "aware-ity" of the Kamailio boxes in 4.1?
  21. ok. So that is why the Park works across those different companies. Thanks for clarifying!
  22. @SPC-Tim ahh...So are these businesses in separate Realms? (I would guess so by "Account 1/2/3" but want to verify) If they are in separate realms, does the BLF when you place an Account 2 in Park 1, show up?
  23. Tim, With the BLF of callparks. Was that separate buttons for separate accounts on the same phone?
  24. Is there a current ISO? Found the old repo (guessing it's old due to the date) @ http://repo.2600hz.com/ISOs/ and that hasn't been updated since 2015ish. (some newer 2017 items there) I did find this https://github.com/2600hz/sysadmin/blob/master/doc/install/install_via_iso.md which has a 2016 date on it, but is pointing to the link above. I did see the under development note in the .md. esoare
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